original abstract and contemporary oil painting by ezeeart

The Morning After


This Abstract Painting

Abstract and contemporary art is much more than random splashes of colours here and there. Yes, there are many beautiful abstract paintings, but there are very few great abstract paintings.

We all like to look at beautiful things and I can paint beautiful paintings. It took me many years to learn how to paint beautiful paintings, particularly painting familiar and recognisable objects around us.

After a while, I came to realise that I was, in a way, merely copying nature or other objects that we see regularly in our life. Yes, I could manipulate the subjects and make them look extremely beautiful, but something was still missing.

My paintings aren’t necessarily about aesthetic beauty only. To me, it’s more about creating something to evoke lasting emotions and this is where I found abstract painting to be the perfect medium.

Painting abstracts is challenging. A lot of people think you just throw some paint on a canvas and that’s it. There is nothing easy about creating a truly abstract painting. To create an effective abstract painting, it must come from deep inside.

Have you ever seen your feelings? A question that I always ask myself. Let me say that creating abstract paintings is incredibly rewarding.

Although a painting can provoke, entertain, educate and confront, it cannot change the world. However, it can alter one person’s world by filling his or her remaining moments with supreme quality.

If the artist can reach one person, then he/she makes the earth a better place. This must be a beautiful way to live. And that to me would be the ultimate satisfaction I would receive.

In this painting, I used purple, red and yellow. Together with the other elements, the painting creates a comfortable feel. Line marks add another great touch, too.

But as always, take your time to look at it and it’s entirely up to you to interpret the painting to what you feel.

Further Information

  • Material: High quality oil paints on 380gsm unstretched canvas 100% cotton, primed, acid-free.
  • Canvas Size: 356 x 457 mm (14″ x 18″)
  • Mat mount and backing board size: 456 x 610 mm (17.95” x 24.01”)
  • The painting is unstretched but mat mounted professionally on acid-free white mat (see images on this page). The painting and mat are not framed.
  • This painting is finished with a light coat of varnish.
  • It is worth noting that the actual colours of the images shown here may slightly vary depending on your screen.
  • Each painting is signed and dated on the front and back
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is shipped with each painting.
  • Packaging: The painting will be wrapped in acid-free material and delivered in an appropriate postal package.
  • Environment: My little contribution to the environment. I do my best to hand-write, as much as possible, to minimise paper and printing waste. I also try to recycle packaging materials, where possible.

Please check these tips about framing and caring of your painting.

Interested in This Painting?

I would be delighted to provide any further details and discuss your requirements.  Please drop me an email quoting the painting title and I will contact you shortly.

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