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Abstract paintings blog includes articles about abstract paintings and other topics relating to art in general. I enjoy creating abstract paintings and I also enjoy sharing ideas and thoughts with others.

This abstract paintings blog page is mainly about the creative process of abstract art, elements of creating abstract paintings, colours, shapes, lines, etc.

My prime interest in visual art is its effect on our moods and this is what I like to share with everyone because I’m convinced that art is a lot more than a piece of decoration.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts in this abstract paintings blog.

Each post in this abstract art blog touches on subjects primarily to do with art, in general, and more specifically non-representational abstract art.

Art is an integral part of human life. It is around us almost all the time. It reflects human ideas, thoughts and cultures at any given time since the dawn of humanity. Cave paintings, for example, are incredibly amazing and never stop to fascinate me.

In my opinion, art is the language of feelings and I think it can be very well demonstrated in non-representational abstract art. It is a fantastic language of expression and I also think it is a universal language that does not necessarily need to use words.

Listed below are some of the topics covered in this abstract paintings blog:

  • Abstract art definition and abstraction in art
  • Abstract artists, including famous male and female abstract artists
  • Abstract paintings and some of the most famous abstract paintings
  • Abstract wall art with special attention to Living Room Wall art
  • Colour psychology and colour meanings
  • Self-expression and self-discovery through abstract art

I will keep adding other posts. Please feel free to drop me an email for any suggestions to improve the abstract paintings blog posts or any suggestions for other related articles.

I have recently added some of my original abstract oil paintings for sale on new pages.

All the painting images on my website including this abstract painting blog are my original abstract paintings. I may use other images but I will make reference to the sources.

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