contemporary abstract painting by suhail mitoubsi



  • High quality acrylic paints and mixed media on a thick card. The card was tripled Gessoed in the initial preparation prior to creating the painting.
  • Painting size: 45 x 63.5 cm (17.6 x 25”)
  • Mat mount size: 54 x 75 cm (21.25 x 29.5”)
  • The painting is mat mounted professionally in white mat (see images below). The painting and mat are not framed.
  • This painting is finished with a light coat of varnish.
  • It is worth noting that actual colours of the images shown here may slightly vary depending on your screen.

This Abstract Painting

I use three main tools when I create my acrylic paintings, a palette knife, a brush and/or my hands. Each tool creates a completely different feeling and effect. In this painting I used my favourite palette knife to spread and work with the acrylic paints. Great effects. Proper use of a palette knife for painting can create amazing and stunning effects.

I like to use a palette knife to build paintings on top of each other without really and fully mixing the paints. I call it folding the paints. Have a look at the main images of these blog posts: What is Abstract Art, How Can Art Therapy Help Mental Heath, and Abstract Art Makes No Sense.

I used 6 different colours in this abstract painting, but it may seem more colours in the painting. With 6 colours you can mix a great number of other colours and shades. Fore example, there are at least 4 shades of black, and 4 others of white. I think you get the picture.

It is a busy painting with many colours and shapes, but the dominant colours are the earthy colours that can bring us comfort and assurance. It is the beginning of perhaps Autumn, a new season. A new season could also mean a new beginning.

There is optimism and hope. Life is beautiful despite other appearances.

There is stability and power from black, energy and attention from red and simplicity of white. A great balance and harmony.

But, it’s like any works of art, it is all about expression – the artist and, equally important, the viewer. What emotions or feelings does the painting evoke. No two people would have the same views about the same one painting.

You make up your meanings and your feelings of what you want to see and feel. That is really my biggest reward of creating non-representational abstract painting.

Interested in This Painting?

I would be delighted to provide any further details and discuss your requirements.  Please drop me an email quoting the painting title and I will contact you shortly.

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