makes no sense abstract painting art by ezeeart

Makes No Sense


This Abstract Painting

Abstract painting art is a very unique type of art that has no boundaries or reference to the real world. The only boundaries are your own imagination.

The main colours I used in this abstract painting art are yellow ochre, orange, black and white. 

I used my hand to spread the paints over the stretched canvas hoping to begin feeling the painting while playing my favourite music. I do that a lot as I think it helps me to physically touch the paints and begin a new journey not knowing where it will take me.

Beginning the experience of a new journey in creating abstract painting art is always very exciting even though I have no clue where we’re heading, I always know it will be great fun and I look forward to experimenting with the unknown.

It’s really hard to describe, but the journey touches so many exciting and joyful emotions that bring almost complete harmony to the soul.

In this abstract painting, black dominates all other colours but the fiery orange/red shows its strong effect bringing a bit of a balance aided by yellow ochre and, of course, white.

The whole process of non-representational abstract painting is really great joy and a fantastic stress release. I have been talking to many people about it and how easy it could be. It isn’t about the end result at all. Just let go and enjoy the journey – it’s simple.

I tried to explain more about it in an article – Abstract Art Makes No Sense. Please have a look and let me know what do you think.

Further information

  • 100% cottom stretched canvas 81 x 101 x 1.5 cm (32x40x0.75 inch).
  • Acrylic and mixed media.
  • Each painting is finished with a light coat of varnish.
  • The sides are painted acrylic white.
  • Fitted with hanging brackets and wire – ready to hang.
  • It is worth noting that the actual colours of the images shown here may slightly vary depending on your screen.
  • Each painting is signed and dated on the front and back.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is shipped with each painting.
  • Packaging: The painting will be wrapped in acid-free material and delivered in an appropriate postal package.
  • Environment: My little contribution to the environment. I do my best to hand-write, as much as possible, to minimise paper and printing waste. I also try to recycle packaging materials, where possible.

Please check these tips to frame and care for your painting.

Interested in This Painting?

I would be delighted to provide any further details and discuss your requirements.  Please drop me an email quoting the painting title and I will contact you shortly.

Copyright © Suhail Mitoubsi 2020. All rights reserved.

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