contemporary acrylic abstract painting by suhail mitoubsi

Colourful River


This Abstract Painting

In creating this acrylic abstract painting, I used several colours including red, blue, a touch of yellow ochre, beautiful purple and a few others.

I like vibrant colours as they bring tremendous energy to any environment. Beautiful contrast and a balanced harmony between the warm and the cool colours.

The red colour is full of hot energy but contrasts with the blue colours to create a nice balance. Finding harmony and balance in any painting is necessary for the overall composition.

As with all my paintings, I build the paintings through several layers and this painting is made up of 9 layers of acrylic paint.

Acrylic paints work differently from oil paints, not only in the drying time but also in the way it is applied on the surface of the painting.

Even though the drying time is a lot quicker than oil paints, this painting took me several weeks to complete.

I am a right-handed person but when I create my paintings I usually use my left hand (non-dominant hand).

This is a great scientific theory, which tells us a lot about our brain. In simple terms, the brain is split between two hemispheres, the right and the left.

Without going into great scientific details, each of our brain hemispheres is in charge of the opposite side of the body. So your left brain controls your right hand.

It is also known that the right brain is better at emotions, feelings visualisation, daydreaming, imagination and holistic thinking. While the left brain is better at language, logic, linear thinking and thinking in words.

When we use our non-dominant hand, it confuses our brain. The brain functions with predictability. It’s in a way like auto-suggestion. It understands the way our body functions and behaves and it tries to predict the next move even before it starts.

Using our non-dominant hand confuses our brain and its ability to auto-suggest or predict the next move. 

So, the theory is that if you use your left hand, you would be using your right brain and you enhance your creativity. This theory has not proven to be absolutely true, but many people, including some artists, believe it can help. That also includes me.

To cut a long story short, I used my left hand to paint this entire acrylic abstract painting.

Further information

  • High quality acrylic paints and mixed media on a thick card. The card was tripled Gessoed in the initial preparation prior to creating the painting.
  • Painting size: 45 x 63.5 cm (17.6 x 25”)
  • Mat mount size: 54 x 75 cm (21.25 x 29.5”)
  • The painting is mat mounted professionally on a white mat (see images above). The painting and mat are not framed.
  • This painting is finished with a light coat of varnish.
  • It is worth noting that the actual colours of the images shown here may slightly vary depending on your screen.
  • Each painting is signed and dated on the front and back.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is shipped with each painting.
  • Packaging: The painting will be wrapped in acid-free material and delivered in an appropriate postal package.
  • Environment: My little contribution to the environment. I do my best to hand-write, as much as possible, to minimise paper and printing waste. I also try to recycle packaging materials, where possible.

Please check these tips to frame and care for your painting.

Interested in This Painting?

I would be delighted to provide any further details and discuss your requirements.  Please drop me an email quoting the painting title and I will contact you shortly.

Copyright © Suhail Mitoubsi 2020. All rights reserved.

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