Dancing in Africa


  • 100% cotton stretched canvas 46 x 61 x 2 cm (18x24x0.78 inch).
  • Acrylic and mixed media.
  • Each painting is finished with a light coat of varnish.
  • The sides are painted with acrylic white.
  • Fitted with hanging brackets and wire – ready to hang.
  • It is worth noting that the actual colours of the images shown here may slightly vary depending on your screen.

This Abstract Painting

A mix of vibrant colours including bright yellow, red, yellow ochre, blue, etc. making the painting very lively and full of happy energy.

The colours of summer, sunshine, brightness and optimism and adding a few touches of violet blend in quite nicely conveying a sense of calmness, relaxation,  joy and fun.

Colour psychology is an amazing subject of how we individually feel the effect of different colours on our minds. It remains subjective as it depends on many elements such as personality, culture, etc.

Abstract painting, in my view, is the feeling made up by the different interpretations of the colours effect used in making that painting on our minds. Sometimes it can be harder to feel the visual communication of abstract painting because we normally use our minds instead of our feelings.

Interested in This Painting?

I would be delighted to provide any further details and discuss your requirements.  Please drop me an email quoting the painting title and I will contact you shortly.

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